TuSimple Gains Approval for Autonomous Truck Testing in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area

TuSimple Holdings, a global leader in autonomous driving technology, obtains a fully driverless testing license in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. The move paves the way for Level 4 autonomous truck testing in China.

What’s Happening

TuSimple has announced that it has been awarded a fully driverless test license by the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China. It is part of the first group of companies to earn this distinction, empowering TuSimple to conduct SAE Level 4 fully autonomous Driver Out testing in the designated test areas of Yangshan Deep-water Port and Donghai Bridge.

Why It Matters

This development comes as Shanghai gears up to be the pioneer city in China to enact legislation permitting Level 4 fully driverless testing of autonomous trucks. In February 2023, Shanghai introduced the “Implementation Rules for Promoting the Innovation and Application of Fully Driverless Intelligent Connected Vehicles.” This inaugural local legislation in China focuses on the innovation and application of fully driverless intelligent and connected vehicles, offering a legal base and institutional support for related activities in Lingang New Area.

Key Points

The award of this fully driverless license required a comprehensive series of technical validation tests, including closed-area scenario testing, system simulation testing, cybersecurity testing, and open-road testing spanning thousands of kilometers sans human intervention. The tests placed a high emphasis on safety, comprising broad safety management systems, emergency response plans, and other initiatives to ensure the autonomous driving system’s safety, reliability, and compliance.

Bottom Line

Since 2018, TuSimple China, a subsidiary of TuSimple, has been conducting autonomous testing activities in Lingang New Area of Shanghai. As of June 2023, TuSimple China has amassed over 600,000 kilometers of test mileage, with no incidents or road violations recorded. This fully driverless license in China will allow TuSimple to build upon its achievement in the United States, where it completed the world’s first fully autonomous semi-truck run on public roads without any human intervention.

Cheng Lu, President and CEO of TuSimple, said, “We are very honored to receive the first batch of Level 4 fully driverless autonomous driving test licenses in China. This is a validation of TuSimple’s autonomous driving technology and safety standards and will also accelerate the commercialization of autonomous truck technology in the Chinese market.”


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