TuSimple Surpasses 10 Million Miles Driven with Autonomous Trucks

What’s Happening: Autonomous driving technology firm TuSimple has announced that its trucks have cumulatively driven over 10 million miles through testing, research, and freight delivery.

Why It Matters: This achievement highlights the progress TuSimple has made in autonomous trucking and signals the company’s continued commitment to advancing the technology in this industry.

Key Points:

  • TuSimple was founded in 2015 and has achieved several milestones since then.
  • In 2018, the company demonstrated an autonomous semi-truck’s capabilities on surface streets and highways with a 1,000-meter perception breakthrough.
  • In 2020, TuSimple launched the Autonomous Freight Network.
  • The company was the first autonomous vehicle firm to go public with a traditional IPO in 2021.
  • TuSimple became the first company to fully remove a driver from its trucks and navigate 80 miles on surface streets and highways in December 2021.
  • Late last year, the company achieved a European milestone by transporting commercial goods about 300 kilometers in regular traffic using its autonomous driving system.

Bottom Line: TuSimple’s latest milestone of 10 million miles driven demonstrates its ongoing dedication to innovating and reimagining the future of the autonomous commercial trucking industry. The company’s achievements in autonomous driving technology are transforming the $4 trillion global truck freight sector. Its AI technology enables trucks to drive safely autonomously, operate nearly continuously, and reduce fuel consumption by over 10% compared to manually driven trucks. Notable global accomplishments include the world’s first fully autonomous, ‘driver-out’ semi-truck run on open public roads and the development of the world’s first Autonomous Freight Network (AFN). With operations in Arizona, Texas, Europe, and China, TuSimple is well-positioned to continue achieving significant milestones in autonomous driving technology.


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