Plus and TRATON Group Autonomous Truck Partnership

Plus, along with Scania, MAN, and Navistar, members of the TRATON GROUP, has unveiled a long-term partnership aimed at the global commercial deployment of Level 4 autonomous trucks. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in integrating Plus’s advanced autonomous driving software, SuperDriveTM, with the autonomous-ready vehicles of these renowned brands, setting the stage for a new era in hub-to-hub transport operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Global Partnership for Level 4 Trucks: Plus teams up with Scania, MAN, and Navistar for the deployment of autonomous trucks.
  • Public Road Testing Underway: Trials on public roads in Europe and the U.S. signal progress.
  • Commercial Pilot and Production Plans: Initiatives set for 2024, targeting large-scale deployment.
  • Safety and Sustainability at the Forefront: Enhanced transport solutions prioritize safety and environmental sustainability.

Partnership and Progress: The collaboration between Plus and TRATON GROUP’s Scania, MAN, and Navistar heralds a new phase in autonomous transport, focusing on developing a Level 4 commercial autonomous transport solution. Currently, trucks equipped with Plus’s SuperDriveTM are undergoing public road tests in the U.S. and Europe, emphasizing safety and reliability. The partnership plans to pilot commercial operations in 2024, subsequently transitioning to series production and worldwide commercial deployment.

Industry Impact: “We see autonomous as a key part of our offer for a full range of safe, efficient, and sustainable transport solutions,” states Peter Hafmar, Vice President and Head of Autonomous Solutions at Scania. This sentiment is echoed by Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-Founder of Plus, highlighting the acceleration of global commercialization of autonomous trucks. The strategy not only aims at enhancing safety and sustainability but also at tailoring solutions to meet individual customer needs.

Expansion and Execution: The partnership is aggressively testing and expanding their operations, focusing on key U.S. and European routes, with plans for broader deployment. The Texas triangle and I-10 corridor in the U.S., alongside a pilot route between Södertälje and Nyköping in Sweden, serve as initial testing grounds, with plans for further European pilot operations in 2024.

About Plus and TRATON GROUP: Plus, a trailblazer in autonomous driving software, collaborates with elite fleets and manufacturers to refine and integrate its Level 4 software, SuperDriveTM, into commercial vehicles. TRATON GROUP, housing brands like Scania, MAN, Navistar, and Volkswagen Truck & Bus, represents a powerhouse in the commercial vehicle industry, committed to transforming transportation for a sustainable future.

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