NEG’s Lens Antenna Boosts Self-Driving Bus Communication

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (NEG) has unveiled a groundbreaking lens antenna crafted from specialized glass. This innovative technology was recently put to the test in a self-driving bus convoy demonstration in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The lens antenna’s role was paramount in facilitating consistent and stable data transmission between the buses.

Why It Matters

Traditional antennas, often employed in mobile communication, confront various issues that can compromise the efficacy of communication. NEG’s lens antenna, however, represents a significant advancement in addressing these concerns, particularly in the realm of self-driving transportation. Its introduction has the potential to accelerate the adoption of next-generation mobility services and region-specific transportation infrastructure.

Key Points

  • Purpose of the Experiment: The demonstration sought to showcase the effectiveness of convoying multiple self-driving buses by ensuring seamless communication between the lead bus and those trailing behind.
  • Advantages Over Conventional Antennas: NEG’s specialized glass lens antenna:
    • Ensures uninterrupted communication, even during turns.
    • Delivers enhanced throughput and reduced latency.
    • Meets the unique demands of self-driving bus convoys.
  • Lens Antenna Features:
    • Enables customizable beam shaping according to user requirements.
    • Uses specialized glass with an optimal dielectric constant and minimized radio wave loss.
    • Facilitates precise radio wave direction, eliminating unwanted radiation.
    • Supports communication in a millimeter-wave band with high gain across a vast range.
  • Potential Applications: Beyond the transportation sector, the lens antenna’s technology can be incorporated into:
    • Collision avoidance systems in vehicles.
    • Internal vehicle sensors to prevent child abandonment.
    • Home-based sensors to monitor the health and safety of senior citizens.

Bottom Line

The specialized glass lens antenna, masterminded by NEG, is set to revolutionize mobile communication. With its ability to counter challenges faced by standard antennas, it paves the way for safer and more efficient self-driving transportation solutions. Moreover, NEG’s commitment extends beyond communication, aiming to resolve broader societal challenges.


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