MOTER & May Mobility Partner to Advance AV Insurance Solutions

MOTER Technologies and May Mobility, leaders in the autonomous driving industry, have announced a strategic partnership to develop cutting-edge insurance solutions for self-driving vehicles.

This collaboration will leverage data from May Mobility’s autonomous vehicles to:

  • Enhance risk analysis: MOTER’s data science platform will analyze real-time sensor data from May Mobility’s vehicles, providing deeper insights into autonomous operations and improving risk assessment for insurance purposes.
  • Develop data-driven insurance products: This data will be used to develop new insurance solutions tailored specifically to the needs of autonomous vehicles.
  • Set industry benchmarks: The partnership aims to establish industry-wide benchmarks for autonomous vehicle technology, contributing to the safe and responsible deployment of self-driving cars.

“This collaboration is crucial for bringing May’s autonomous mobility solutions to market at scale,” said Craig Lozofsky, COO of MOTER. “By integrating our data science platform with May Mobility’s vehicles, we can analyze real-time data and further demonstrate the safety and reliability of autonomous driving.”

Edwin Olson, CEO and co-founder of May Mobility, added, “We are committed to data transparency, sharing both real-time and historical data about our autonomous services. Partnering with leading insurance companies like MOTER allows us to build trust and understanding within the industry.”

This partnership represents a significant step towards the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles. By providing data-driven insights and tailored insurance solutions, MOTER and May Mobility are paving the way for a safer and more efficient future of transportation.


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