Mobileye Rolls Out First Camera-Only Intelligent Speed Assist to Comply with New EU Standards

What’s Happening

Mobileye, an industry leader in autonomous driving and driver-assistance technologies, has launched the first-ever camera-only Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) system. This innovative solution is slated to enter production in Q4 2023 after receiving formal homologation across Europe, becoming the first vision-only system that aligns with new EU General Safety Regulation (GSR) standards.

Why It Matters

The new ISA system, developed for Mobileye’s EyeQ platform, is a significant milestone in automotive safety technology. It enables car manufacturers to meet EU GSR standards mandating automatic speed limit sensing in all new vehicle models. The uniqueness of this solution lies in its independence from third-party map and GPS data. The software has been granted certification for use in all 27 EU member nations and other countries including Israel, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Key Points

The new Mobileye ISA system provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to existing map-based options, reducing complexity and integration efforts while delivering more reliable performance. Notably, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with vehicles already using the EyeQ4 and EyeQ6 chips can comply with the new standards through a software update, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

The Mobileye ISA system will soon be integrated into two car brands from a major global automotive group, with other manufacturers expected to follow suit in 2024 and beyond. The system is a product of over two years of dedicated development, leveraging Mobileye’s two decades of expertise in computer vision and machine learning.

Bottom Line

Mobileye’s innovative ISA solution represents a major leap forward in enhancing road safety across Europe and beyond. According to the European Road Safety Observatory, speeding contributes to a third of fatal vehicle accidents in EU countries. With new GSR ISA standards in place, this technology could help reduce collisions by up to 30%, and fatalities by 20%. Mobileye will continue refining this solution, aiming to stay ahead of the evolving safety requirements and contribute to a safer future for global mobility.


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