May Mobility and Via Launch Autonomous Public Transit in Arizona Retirement Community

What’s Happening: May Mobility, a frontrunner in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, is launching its first on-demand public transit service using AVs in Sun City, an Arizona retirement community for adults aged 55 and older. The service will be powered by Via, a global leader in TransitTech.

Why It Matters: This deployment aims to expand access to safe, reliable, and equitable on-demand transportation for the elderly population and understand how AV technology is adopted to address their mobility challenges. As the first deployment in the Western U.S., it highlights Arizona’s role as a testing ground for AV technology.

Key Points:

  • May Mobility has a history of diverse deployment environments to test and improve its proprietary Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) technology, ranging from the humid climate of Arlington, Texas, to the frigid winters of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
  • May Mobility CEO Edwin Olson believes that autonomous vehicle technology can provide greater access to mobility for aging populations who don’t want to or can’t drive themselves.
  • May Mobility and Via are dedicated to engaging, serving, and educating aging populations to drive the adoption of innovative technologies.
  • The Sun City service will operate Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., connecting residents to recreation centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and medical centers.

Bottom Line: May Mobility and Via’s partnership to launch on-demand public transit using AVs in Sun City underscores the potential of autonomous vehicle technology to improve mobility and accessibility for aging populations. By demonstrating a successful deployment in a retirement community, they hope to serve as a model for innovative, inclusive public transportation solutions in other communities around the world. Their experience in diverse urban, suburban, and rural environments has prepared them to optimize service for the unique needs of Sun City residents, and their insights will help address mobility challenges faced by aging adults.


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