Lotus Aims High with Level 4 Autonomous Driving

Contrary to assumptions, Lotus, best known for its handmade high-performance cars, is pushing boundaries in the world of autonomous driving. Renowned for not settling for the norm, Lotus is moving into an era of sustainable engineering, committed to making its self-driving technology as exceptional as its vehicles.

Why It Matters

Autonomous driving represents a vehicle’s capacity to operate without human interference, made possible through a sophisticated blend of sensors, cameras, radars, and advanced computing systems. These components allow the car to sense its environment, make decisions, and control its movements. The degree of autonomy is measured using a six-level classification established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), with Level 0 indicating no automation and Level 5 signifying full autonomy in all situations. Lotus’s ultimate goal is reaching this highest level.

Key Points

  • Li Bo, the CEO of Lotus Robotics division, endorses a ‘hands-off’ approach to self-driving tech. His risk-taking stance is that the vehicle must be tested to its fullest autonomous extent.
  • The Lotus Eletre is currently achieving Level 4 autonomy in testing, an impressive accomplishment given that many competitors are still at Level 2. This means that the Eletre can perform all driving tasks within a specific domain without human intervention, barring exceptional circumstances.
  • The Eletre is equipped with Lidar for detailed 3D mapping, ultra-HD telephoto cameras, and millimetre-wave radar to calculate the position, speed, and direction of potential obstacles. Its autonomous chipset performs up to 508 trillion calculations per second for top-tier vehicle and environmental monitoring.

Bottom Line

While autonomous driving is not yet legalized in Europe, new legislative steps are being taken to integrate self-driving cars on the roads. This includes new laws regarding the sale of next-gen vehicles and modifications to car safety standards. As the industry progresses from testing to actualizing and commercializing autonomous technology, Lotus seeks to be at the forefront with its Eletre model, prepared for the future of autonomous driving.


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