LG’s ‘Soft V2X’: A Game-Changer for Autonomous Driving and Pedestrian Safety

Learn how LG Electronics is pioneering traffic safety advancements using its innovative 5G network-based ‘Soft V2X’ system. Discover the impact of this groundbreaking technology on autonomous driving and pedestrian safety.

What’s Happening

LG Electronics (LG) is fast-tracking the development of its advanced traffic safety solutions that utilize Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication technology. In collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the electronics giant has successfully deployed and tested a sophisticated accident prevention system named ‘Soft V2X’ in school zones within Seoul, South Korea.

Why It Matters

V2X communications, pivotal in the impending era of autonomous driving, allow vehicles to interact with each other and surrounding infrastructure. LG’s cloud-based service ‘Soft V2X’, an integral part of the recently concluded ‘Seoul Smart ITS 2.0 Deployment Project,’ amasses and processes an array of data such as location, speed, and direction of pedestrians and vehicles. It promptly informs drivers and pedestrians of potential traffic hazards, enhancing overall road safety.

Key Points

The ‘Soft V2X’ demonstration, which involved 6,700 participants, took place in school zones covering two elementary schools and a kindergarten in Gangseo-gu – a western suburb of Seoul. Over six months, the system dispatched over 40,000 traffic hazard alerts, influencing a significant proportion of pedestrians (74.8%) and drivers (68.4%) to adjust their movements to avert possible accidents. Industry experts attending the 26th 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) Meeting praised LG’s solution for its real-time alert effectiveness.

Bottom Line

The project reaffirmed that ‘Soft V2X’, coupled with Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure, can reliably provide comprehensive traffic safety services. As part of their commitment to ongoing innovation, LG plans to improve ‘Soft V2X’ usability and tailor its services based on participant feedback from the trial. A more refined version of the solution is set to debut at the upcoming 5GAA meeting in Detroit, USA, in October. Given the escalating interest in pedestrian safety and next-generation Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), LG expects strong demand for ‘Soft V2X.’ “We will secure technology leadership in cloud-based connected mobility platform for vehicle and pedestrian safety through continuous research and development,” said Je Yeong-ho, head of C&M Standard Lab at LG Electronics.


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