Kroger and Gatik Drive Autonomous Trucks to Success in Dallas

In a major win for the future of autonomous logistics, Gatik and Kroger have teamed up to deliver fresh groceries across Dallas using self-driving trucks. This isn’t just a convenience for shoppers; it’s a glimpse into a future where autonomous vehicles revolutionize the supply chain.

A Ribbon-Cutting Celebration:

To mark this milestone, Gatik and Kroger hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside Dallas city and Texas state officials. The event highlighted the collaboration’s significance and the supportive role of local government in fostering technological innovation.

Delivering Freshness, Faster:

Since launching in Dallas earlier this year, Gatik’s self-driving box trucks have reliably delivered groceries across the city, seven days a week. This has boosted the speed, responsiveness, and frequency of Kroger’s e-commerce deliveries, offering customers a smoother shopping experience.

Beyond Speed, Better Service:

Ben Hamilton, Kroger’s VP of Logistics, emphasizes that timeliness is just one piece of the puzzle. “With Gatik’s trucks, we can focus more on customer service,” he says, “leading to happier and repeat customers.” This shift from efficiency to service reflects the human touch that autonomous vehicles can’t replace.

Texas: A Hub for Innovation:

Texas has emerged as a leader in deploying autonomous technology, and its support for Gatik and Kroger’s partnership is no coincidence. The state recognizes the potential of these vehicles to improve transportation, boost economic growth, and create a high-performance supply chain.

Scaling Up for the Future:

Gatik is committed to expanding its operations in Texas, aiming to achieve “Freight-Only” operations by 2024-2025. This means removing human drivers from the equation, allowing Gatik’s trucks to operate autonomously and deliver the full potential of this technology.

The Road Ahead:

The success of Gatik and Kroger’s collaboration is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. As autonomous vehicles continue to evolve, partnerships like this will pave the way for a smoother, more efficient future of transportation.


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