ISEE Unveils Autonomous Truck Tech

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ISEE, a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology, announced the deployment of the world’s first commercial fleet of autonomous yard trucks at a leading Fortune 100 company’s Texas distribution center. This landmark initiative marks a pivotal shift towards the commercial use of autonomous trucks in logistics, promising enhanced safety, efficiency, and capacity within the supply chain sector.

Innovative Deployment at Texas Site

The Texas distribution center, spanning 1.7 million square feet with 750 trailer staging bays, showcases the first-ever commercial application of a fleet of autonomous yard trucks capable of operating 24/7 under any weather conditions. This deployment underlines a significant leap from testing phases to real-world application, setting a new standard in logistics operations.

Safety and Efficiency at the Forefront

Enhanced Safety: ISEE’s autonomous trucks aim to significantly reduce workplace accidents common in transportation and warehousing, as highlighted by the US National Safety Council. Advanced sensor technologies and algorithms ensure precise and cautious vehicle movements, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Increased Capacity Amid Labor Shortages: The American Trucking Association warns of a potential shortage of 160,000 truck drivers by 2030. ISEE’s autonomous yard trucks offer a solution to this challenge, ensuring uninterrupted operations despite fluctuating workforce availability.

Seamless System Integration: The autonomous truck yard integrates flawlessly with existing Yard Management and Warehouse Management Systems, requiring no additional infrastructure. This integration facilitates efficient material movement requests and executions within the facility.

Fostering Workforce Development: ISEE is committed to workforce development, offering training and upskilling opportunities for transportation workers to manage and maintain new autonomous systems. This approach ensures workers remain relevant and thrive in a rapidly evolving logistics landscape.

About ISEE

Founded in 2017 and rooted in AI research from MIT, ISEE is dedicated to improving supply chain efficiency and safety through autonomous truck technology. Recognized as the SupplyTech Breakthrough Autonomous Truck of the Year in 2023, ISEE continues to innovate in automating logistics hubs for smoother goods flow. Visit for more information.

This initiative by ISEE not only highlights the technological advancements in autonomous vehicle technology but also underscores the potential for significant improvements in logistics and supply chain management, addressing safety concerns, labor shortages, and operational efficiency.

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