GM, Honda, Cruise Launch Driverless Service in Japan

Cruise, GM, and Honda have announced their intent to launch a driverless ride-hail service in Japan by early 2026. The service will feature the Cruise Origin, an autonomous vehicle co-developed by GM and Honda.

Why It Matters

As Japan grapples with a need for safe and accessible transportation, this venture responds to a growing societal demand. Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt highlighted the significance, noting Japan’s stature as one of the globe’s largest potential markets for autonomous ride-hail services. Dense urban areas in Japan with significant transportation demands make it an attractive market.

GM, Honda, Cruise Launch Driverless Service in Japan

Key Points

  • Collaboration Details: Cruise, GM, and Honda have signed a memorandum of understanding for this venture.
  • Cruise Origin: This autonomous vehicle, designed for the venture, boasts a “camp-fire” seating arrangement and can accommodate up to six passengers.
  • Manufacturing Info: GM plans to produce approximately 500 Origins at their Factory ZERO Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant in Michigan for this project.
  • Stakeholder Coordination: The venture will work closely with various stakeholders, including national and local governments, as well as transportation service providers in Japan.
  • Mission Addressed: One of the primary aims of this service is to tackle the driver shortage in Japan, offering a more accessible and safer transportation alternative.

Bottom Line

With the trio of Cruise, GM, and Honda at the helm, Japan is set to experience a revolution in its transportation sector, aiming to deliver a safer, more efficient, and futuristic mobility solution. While the initial focus will be central Tokyo, the companies aim to expand their reach beyond, contingent upon regulatory approvals. Initial testing is slated for next year, laying the groundwork for a transformative transportation offering by 2026.


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