EASE Logistics Advances Roadway Safety with Innovative Automated Driving Systems

What’s Happening

EASE Logistics, a Columbus, Ohio-based company, is pioneering a revolutionary change in the transportation industry by rolling out automated driving systems that promise to transform road safety. The firm, which has recently gained distinction as the topmost transportation innovator on Fortune’s list of America’s Most Innovative Companies, is partnering with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and DriveOhio for the Rural Automated Driving Systems (ADS) project.

Why It Matters

As the handpicked host fleet for the ADS initiative, EASE Logistics is set to become the first in the U.S to introduce connected and automated trucking technology on commercial routes. The landmark project underscores EASE’s standing as a leading-edge innovator in transportation. According to Preeti Choudhary, DriveOhio’s Executive Director, collaborations with innovative entities like EASE are critical to harnessing the full potential of truck platooning technology in enhancing safety and efficiency.

Key Points

EASE will deploy two semi-trucks, named ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry’, equipped with AI-driven vehicle-to-vehicle communication. During ‘platooning’ mode, the leading driver controls acceleration, speed, and braking, while the following vehicle, connected and manned, mirrors the lead vehicle’s movements accurately. ‘Tom’, the following truck, sports a vibrant red cab adorned with the EASE, ODOT, and DriveOhio logos.

The data generated by the Rural ADS project will be relayed to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation to inform nationwide ADS policies and foster the safe integration of these technologies across the country.

EASE President and CEO, Peter Coratola, Jr., expresses his enthusiasm for partnering with DriveOhio, ODOT, the Transportation Research Center (TRC), and Bosch to introduce this groundbreaking technology on Ohio’s roads. EASE drivers, carefully selected and extensively trained, have devoted a combined 400 hours to training at the TRC, preparing for the deployment.

Bottom Line

EASE Logistics is poised to make a transformative contribution to the transportation industry and beyond by becoming the first company in the U.S to utilize connected and automated trucking technology on revenue-generating routes. By enabling these advancements, EASE underscores its commitment to fostering safer, more efficient supply chains, and roads. As Abbi Failla, EASE VP of Business Operations, states, the company aspires to spearhead smart technology initiatives and solidify Ohio’s position as the foremost state in smart mobility innovation.


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