Continental Blazes Trail at CES: Shaping Safer, Smarter, Autonomous Future Mobility

Buckle up for the future of mobility. At CES 2024, Continental takes center stage in a brand-new Central Plaza location, showcasing groundbreaking innovations that reimagine user experience, autonomous driving, and the software-defined vehicle.

Beyond the Dashboard: Building a Living Room on Wheels

Continental’s vision starts with the driver. Step inside the sleek Crystal Center Display, a next-generation marvel seamlessly blending luxury aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Or discover the Curved In2visible Display, transforming the cockpit into a minimalist haven, adaptable to your every mood. But safety reigns supreme. Face Authentication Displays let only authorized users take the wheel, ensuring security with a “liveness check” that can’t be fooled.

Smarter Cars, Smarter Roads: Unleashing the Power of the Smart Cockpit

Modern vehicles are more than just machines – they’re connected computers on wheels. Enter the Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC) powered by Google Cloud. This powerhouse unlocks the future of mobility with natural language interaction via generative AI. Need the perfect tire pressure for a fully loaded family road trip? Just ask your car. Curious about local hot spots near your destination? The AI has all the answers.

Leveling Up Autonomous Driving: From Parking Perfection to Highway Havens

Continental’s award-winning Radar Vision Parking takes precision parking to a whole new level. High-resolution radars and cameras work in concert, enabling effortless single-stroke parking without the guesswork. But the journey doesn’t end there. Witness the power of Continental’s collaboration with Aurora Innovation in a transformative partnership. Continental delivers the complete autonomous driving system, from sensors and control units to high-performance computers and fallback systems. This comprehensive package paves the way for safer, more efficient autonomous trucking across vast highways.

Amplifying Performance, Optimizing Efficiency: A Vision for All

Continental doesn’t stop at individual solutions. Together with Ambarella, they present the Full Stack Automated Driving Solution. This powerful duo combines Continental’s hardware and software expertise with Ambarella’s high-performance, energy-efficient System-on-Chip platform. The result? A scalable mobility system built for the future, powering vehicles from L2+ automation to fully autonomous marvels.

Join Continental at CES 2024 and experience the future of mobility firsthand. From intuitive displays to seamless connectivity, from precision parking to highway autonomy, Continental is leading the charge toward a safer, smarter, and more exciting ride for everyone.


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