Mercedes-Benz Advances AI Research

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Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America (MBRDNA) has initiated partnerships with Stanford University and the University of California San Diego to enhance research in artificial intelligence (AI) and automated driving technologies. These collaborations aim to leverage academic expertise to further develop cutting-edge applications in the automotive sector, specifically focusing on improving the in-car experience and autonomous vehicle capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Stanford School of Engineering receives strategic funding to support 15 graduate students in AI automotive applications.
  • UC San Diego’s Contextual Robotics Institute embarks on advanced 3D imaging research for autonomous driving.
  • New initiatives underscore Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to integrating academic innovations into their technology development.

New Research Horizons for Stanford Students

Stanford University, a pioneer in AI, continues its tradition by collaborating with MBRDNA to enrich the student experience through practical application of their studies. Students participating in the Project-Based Design, Innovation and Development course will visit global innovation centers at Mercedes-Benz, gaining firsthand exposure to the latest in technology application in the automotive industry. This interaction is geared toward developing the MBUX Virtual Assistant, enhancing voice assistant functionalities and vehicle user interface through AI-driven solutions.

Leading 3D Imaging Research at UC San Diego

At UC San Diego, the focus is on perfecting 3D imaging techniques critical for autonomous driving systems. Professor Henrik I. Christensen directs a project aiming to integrate real-time 4D Neural Radiance Fields models into autonomous vehicle platforms, enhancing the vehicle’s ability to perceive and react to its environment. This effort is pivotal in advancing safety and efficiency in autonomous vehicle navigation.

Mercedes-Benz Advances AI Research

Mercedes-Benz’s Educational Partnerships: A Step Towards Future Innovations

“We’re grateful to MBRDNA for their support that provides students with experiential learning opportunities, particularly as they relate to the possibilities that AI enables in the automotive sector,” noted Jay Borenstein, a lecturer at Stanford.

Professor Hendrik I. Christensen from UC San Diego also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are very excited to join forces with Mercedes Benz Research North America to expand our work on dynamic scene models for autonomous driving. This is a great opportunity for us to broaden our approach and also build a new alliance.”


Located in Silicon Valley, MBRDNA not only focuses on advanced technology development but also actively engages with academic institutions to foster innovation. Employing over 600 professionals in various technical domains, MBRDNA is at the forefront of research in autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and connected car technologies.

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