Bosch and Plus Unite to Develop Software-Defined Commercial Trucks

What’s Happening

Bosch, the global leader in mobility solutions, is joining forces with Plus, the industry-leading autonomous trucking developer, to bring software-defined commercial trucks to the market. Under a new technological agreement, Plus’s PlusDrive solution will be combined with Bosch’s steering system to introduce driver assistance and partially automated features to commercial vehicles. The collaboration was unveiled at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo held in Anaheim, California.

Why It Matters

PlusDrive-enabled L2++ vehicles leverage a predictive 360-degree surround perception system and offer partial automation to drivers through continuous assistance with acceleration, braking, and steering. By merging PlusDrive’s software-based system with Bosch’s hardware-plus-software steering solution, the partnership aims to deliver assisted driving and automated functions. A comprehensive range of automated driving features, including traffic jam assist, merge handling, over-the-air updates, and driver attentiveness detection, will be included. Coupled with Bosch’s steering system for lateral control, these vehicles offer potential benefits like driver retention, fuel economy savings, and accident reduction assistance.

Key Points

Bosch’s executive vice president of Mobility Solutions, Paul Thomas, emphasized the necessity of enhanced collaboration for new mobility solutions. He stated that Bosch’s agreement with Plus would supplement existing portfolio elements and offer multiple avenues for customer support.

Echoing this sentiment, Plus’s COO and co-founder, Shawn Kerrigan, underscored the safety implications of the partnership. He highlighted that the integration of Plus’s next-generation safety solution with Bosch’s steering software system would help prevent commercial vehicle accidents and improve road safety. He further emphasized the commercial readiness of their highly automated system, which would speed up deployment and enhance the safety and sustainability of the trucking industry.

Bottom Line

Bosch’s capabilities extend beyond simply providing hardware and software solutions in its steering technology. Its engineering team is equipped to offer advanced engineering services focusing on vehicle integration, security, and safety for the combined Bosch and Plus solution targeted at commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Bosch’s technological portfolio is not limited to steering solutions for commercial vehicles but also includes hardware and software solutions to support increased levels of automation in commercial vehicles. Bosch’s technology can deliver a robust electronics architecture, thereby laying the foundation for the software-defined truck. With half of the R&D associates in the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector being software engineers, the company is well-positioned to lead the development of automated driving.


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