Beep Partners with Oxa for Autonomous Vehicles Deployment

Beep Inc., a leading provider of autonomous shared mobility solutions, and U.K.-based Oxa, a prominent autonomous vehicle software developer, have announced their collaboration to launch vehicles powered by Oxa’s innovative self-driving software, Oxa Driver, in the United States.

Why It Matters

This strategic alliance signifies Oxa’s debut in the U.S. automotive industry. By integrating Oxa’s autonomy software, Beep aims to enhance its diverse fleet ranging from existing passenger shuttles to prospective transportation solutions. Their first collaborative project, an autonomous electric shuttle fleet powered by Oxa Driver, is already making waves. The SunTrax test facility in Auburndale, Florida, the nation’s pioneer in consolidating autonomous vehicle and standard automotive testing, currently showcases two Beep shuttles driven by Oxa’s technology. This public display precedes their official launch, scheduled for Fall 2023.

Key Points

  • Oxa Driver employs an advanced fused sensor technology, merging data from cameras, lidar, and radar, positioning it a step ahead of vehicles dependent solely on camera input.
  • This distinctive sensor fusion technology is the first to be introduced in a U.S. passenger shuttle.
  • The software utilizes artificial intelligence to interpret and anticipate environmental shifts while also accumulating knowledge from past voyages, further refining the technology’s proficiency.
  • Oxa recently secured over $140 million in their Series C funding round and has also forged a strategic association with Google Cloud, optimizing various Google Cloud tools to fine-tune its self-driving technology.

Bottom Line

Both Beep and Oxa are enthusiastic about this collaboration, viewing it as a monumental stride in the realm of self-driving technology. As Gavin Jackson, CEO at Oxa, and Joe Moye, CEO at Beep, highlighted, this partnership not only advances their respective company visions but also holds the potential to reshape transportation paradigms, emphasizing safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Given the shared objectives and values between the two giants, the future of autonomous transportation looks promising.


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