Autonomous Freight: Kodiak & Martin Brower Team Up

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Martin Brower partners with Kodiak Robotics to autonomously deliver quick service restaurant supplies between Dallas and Oklahoma City, signaling a significant leap in supply chain efficiency and safety.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership for Autonomous Deliveries: Martin Brower and Kodiak Robotics have joined forces to revolutionize the delivery of time-sensitive, refrigerated freight for quick service restaurants, operating eight autonomous trips weekly.
  • Successful Track Record: Since July 2022, over 600 autonomous deliveries have been successfully completed, showcasing the reliability and efficiency of Kodiak’s technology.
  • Expansion Plans: The companies are exploring opportunities to expand their autonomous operations across the extensive Martin Brower network, aiming to enhance supply chain solutions globally.
  • Shuttle Lane Innovation: This collaboration has introduced a “shuttle lane” model, where autonomous trucks transport goods between major hubs, and local drivers ensure the distribution to restaurants, optimizing the supply chain.
  • Safety and Customer Service Commitment: Both companies emphasize a shared dedication to safety and superior customer service, leveraging autonomous technology to improve operational reliability and efficiency.

Professional Insight: Kodiak Robotics and The Martin-Brower Company have embarked on a pioneering partnership to use autonomous vehicles for the delivery of critical supplies to quick service restaurants. Operating between Dallas and Oklahoma City, this initiative marks a significant advancement in the use of autonomous technology within the supply chain sector, particularly for time-sensitive and refrigerated freight.

Since initiating their collaboration in mid-2022, Kodiak has successfully completed over 600 deliveries, underscoring the viability and reliability of autonomous transport in commercial applications. The partnership not only aims to maintain this successful trajectory but also seeks to explore further expansion opportunities across Martin Brower’s global network.

The adoption of a “shuttle lane” approach has been a cornerstone of this partnership, where autonomous trucks efficiently move goods between key hubs, while local drivers manage the final distribution to the restaurants. This model benefits two of the largest fast-food chains in the U.S., enhancing supply chain efficiency and setting a precedent for future collaborations.

Statements from both companies highlight the mutual focus on safety, efficiency, and customer service. Mark Grittner of Martin Brower and Don Burnette of Kodiak expressed their commitment to leveraging autonomous technology to enhance operational capabilities and maintain high levels of service quality.

This partnership also introduces Martin Brower to the Kodiak Partner Deployment Program, aimed at integrating Kodiak’s autonomous driving technology into existing freight operations seamlessly. As the collaboration progresses, it promises to redefine the standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability in the transport of goods, particularly for the quick service restaurant industry.

About the Companies: Kodiak Robotics, established in 2018, is at the forefront of developing autonomous driving solutions for long-haul trucking, aiming to improve safety and efficiency in the freight industry. Martin Brower, with nearly 90 years of experience, provides strategic supply chain solutions to the world’s leading brands, delivering to over 26,000 locations globally.

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