ADR Ventures Launches With Initial Investment in Autonomous Delivery Startup, Ottonomy

ADR Ventures kickstarts its journey as the venture capital wing of Aeroporti di Roma with a groundbreaking investment in autonomous delivery startup, Ottonomy, envisioning a futuristic, technology-driven airport experience.

What’s Happening

ADR Ventures, the newly-established venture capital arm of Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), has announced its initial investment in Ottonomy. The USA-based deep tech startup specializes in contactless deliveries with fully autonomous robots. Following a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) during an accelerator program in the Fiumicino airport’s Innovation Hub, the autonomous delivery project has been integrated into ADR’s long-term strategy.

Why It Matters

This significant investment by ADR Ventures marks a decisive step towards realizing the vision of the “airport of the future.” It will transform the current passenger experience through autonomy and innovative technology. Ottonomy’s autonomous delivery capability matches ADR’s ambitious vision of future airports, making it an ideal fit for its first investment.

Key Points

The strategic partnership between Rome Airports and top corporates, including Plug & Play Tech Center, has resulted in “Runway to the Future,” ADR’s Innovation Hub’s Open Innovation Program. This initiative seeks to foster the development of international startups, providing an opportunity for joint development within the Innovation Hub at Fiumicino airport.

Ottonomy participated in the Hub’s “Runway to the Future” program in September 2022, offering passengers a digital, frictionless delivery experience. The autonomous robots, or “Ottobots,” accomplished significant milestones during the PoC at Fiumicino International Airport, including traveling over 150 km in terminals with zero accidents and averaging a swift three-minute delivery time.

Bottom Line

ADR Ventures’ investment in Ottonomy signifies the dawn of a new era in airport services, with autonomous, contactless deliveries becoming a key component of passenger convenience. This partnership is set to propel the travel industry forward, offering enhanced passenger experiences worldwide.

Additionally, ADR Ventures serves as a driving force for young entrepreneurs, providing both financial and intellectual support to startups operating within the Fiumicino Innovation Hub. This unique initiative stands as the first of its kind in Italy’s air transport sector, demonstrating ADR’s commitment to fostering innovation.

Ottonomy will join ADR’s innovation team at the Travel & Hospitality & Smart Cities EXPO Day in Vienna to discuss the launch of ADR Ventures and showcase the transformative potential of the Ottobot. In recognition of its innovative approach, Aeroporti di Roma has been awarded the Corporate Innovation Award for the second consecutive year. This demonstrates ADR’s dedication to identifying innovative solutions that are redefining the future of aviation.


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