ZF to Showcase Autonomous Level 4 Shuttle

Get the first look at ZF Services UK’s new-generation Level 4 autonomous shuttle at MOVE 23. Experience ZF’s state-of-the-art Autonomous Driving (AD) technology that is set to revolutionize the future of mobility.

What’s Happening

ZF Services UK is preparing to launch its next-generation autonomous Level 4 shuttle at the MOVE 23 event. The event is slated for 21st – 22nd June at the ExCeL, London. This pioneering shuttle incorporates ZF’s most advanced Autonomous Driving (AD) hardware and software, offering Level 4 AD capacity. The event visitors will get the exclusive chance to witness this innovative transport solution and explore ZF’s holistic service offering for futuristic mobility.

ZF to Showcase Autonomous Level 4 Shuttle

Why It Matters

This advanced, emission-free shuttle represents a significant leap in autonomous vehicle technology, capable of maneuvering in mixed traffic without a safety steward. It boasts a flexible interior for customizable configurations, fulfilling various operational requirements and accommodating up to 22 passengers. ZF’s cutting-edge Level 4 technology, paired with its comprehensive service support, is a testament to the changing landscape of public transport and its potential impact on urban and rural connectivity.

Key Points

ZF offers an all-encompassing service concept, extending support from planning to implementation, deployment, operation, and after-service. The support includes 24/7 accessibility, dedicated workshop connection, rapid spare parts supply, worldwide service network, and bespoke training packages. At the heart of the system is ZF’s ProAI supercomputer, facilitating advanced digital services. The shuttle comes equipped with top-notch automotive-grade sensor technology for precise environmental detection, combined with ZF’s Virtual Driver software developed in partnership with Oxa, ensuring safe and reliable operations.

Bottom Line

ZF Services UK’s new-generation autonomous Level 4 shuttle embodies ZF’s commitment to pioneering advanced mobility solutions. David Morgan, UK Sales Manager for Autonomous Transport Systems at ZF Group UK, expressed his enthusiasm for the future of mobility and ZF’s role in it. With over 25 years of experience in ATS technology and more than 62 million miles covered by its autonomous shuttles since 1997, ZF is shaping the future of transport, offering practical alternatives to privately-owned cars and improving urban and rural connectivity.


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