Goggo Network Partners with Oxbotica to Revolutionize Autonomous Mobility and Logistics in Europe

What’s Happening: Goggo Network, a leader in autonomous vehicles for last and middle-mile logistics, announced a partnership with Oxbotica, an autonomous vehicle software developer. The collaboration aims to advance autonomous mobility and logistics in Europe by integrating Oxbotica’s autonomous driving system into Goggo’s electric vehicle (EV) network for middle and last mile delivery operations.

Why It Matters: The partnership comes amidst high fuel costs, driver shortages, and a surge in online shopping demand. By 2026, Europe’s driver shortage is expected to triple, exceeding two million. The collaboration between Goggo and Oxbotica will help address these challenges, ensuring safe and efficient movement of goods.

Key Points:

  • Goggo will deploy Oxbotica’s autonomy software in Spain, working with key partners like Carrefour, Día, and Telepizza.
  • Oxbotica’s autonomous driving software can operate on and off-road, adapting to various weather conditions and locations.
  • The partnership aims to provide a superior experience for autonomous middle and last mile deliveries throughout Europe.
  • Goggo will utilize Oxbotica’s fleet management system to safely and effectively operate its fleet of autonomous vehicles.
  • Oxbotica MetaDriver, a suite of AI-powered tools, will ensure the safety of autonomous vehicles in a virtual environment.

Bottom Line: The collaboration between Goggo Network and Oxbotica signifies a shared commitment to realizing the benefits of autonomous mobility in the logistics industry. By deploying Oxbotica’s autonomy software and fleet management system, Goggo will be better equipped to tackle the critical challenges faced by the logistics sector today. The partnership aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of last and middle-mile deliveries, ultimately having a positive impact on the industry. With plans to begin operating with safety drivers in 2023, Goggo will work towards transitioning to full autonomy after obtaining the necessary regulatory clearances and safety validations.


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