Geely, Baidu Introduce AI Electric Robocar JiYue 01

Geely Holding Group, China’s prominent automotive conglomerate, and Baidu, the tech giant, have jointly launched the JiYue ROBOCAR 01, an AI-empowered electric vehicle. This significant unveiling took place at a branded event in Shanghai.

Why It Matters

The introduction of JiYue ROBOCAR 01 signifies a significant step in integrating AI and automotive technologies, offering consumers advanced autonomous features powered by Baidu’s Apollo L4 driving solutions.

Geely, Baidu Introduce AI Electric Robocar JiYue 01

Key Points

  • JiYue ROBOCAR 01 combines Geely’s hardware expertise and Baidu’s AI prowess.
  • Features the world’s first consumer accessibility to Baidu’s Apollo full suite of L4 autonomous driving solutions.
  • The vehicle boasts an ultra-aerodynamic design with a 0.249 drag coefficient.
  • SIMO, Baidu’s intelligent AI, enables natural vocal communication, voice-activated parking, and personalized interactions.
  • Performance specs include:
    • Dual motor options with up to 400kW power.
    • Two battery options providing ranges of 550km and 720km.
    • Advanced AI chipsets from Qualcomm and NVIDIA support the car’s intelligent features.
  • ROBO Drive Max subscription offers evolving intelligent functions like PPA navigation assistance and autonomous valet parking, expanding coverage in China by 2024.

Bottom Line

The JiYue ROBOCAR 01 not only stands as a testament to the collaborative innovation between Geely and Baidu but also ushers in a new era of intelligent driving. Emphasizing data security, the vehicle ensures user data protection with end-to-end encryption. With deliveries commencing post-launch in China, JiYue is also gearing up for the announcement of its next product. The future of intelligent vehicles is looking brighter with such advancements.


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