Automated Trucking Pilot in Germany Launches

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IVECO, dm-drogerie markt, DSV, and Plus have announced the start of their semi-automated truck pilot in Germany. This pilot will use an IVECO S-Way heavy-duty truck, equipped with PlusDrive® technology, to deliver goods from the dm distribution center to the DSV center. The pilot aims to enhance road safety, reduce driver fatigue, and improve fuel efficiency, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Key Highlights:

  • IVECO’s heavy-duty truck with PlusDrive® technology is set for a pilot in Germany.
  • The pilot involves dm-drogerie markt and DSV in a real-world freight delivery.
  • Key benefits include reduced driver fatigue, improved safety, and increased fuel efficiency.
  • The program will validate the readiness of the PlusDrive-enabled IVECO S-Way for series production.
  • DSV and dm-drogerie markt have a long-standing partnership and are testing this innovative technology to advance their supply chains.

The pilot will operate on the route between the dm distribution center in Waghäusel and the DSV distribution center in Gernsheim. Initially, IVECO drivers will conduct the tests, accompanied by DSV drivers for training. Once trained, these drivers will operate the trucks independently.

By delivering commercial freight, the program will gather valuable real-world data on the operational benefits of the PlusDrive-enabled IVECO S-Way. Previous deployments of PlusDrive have shown significant improvements in driver comfort, road safety, and fuel efficiency, leading to lower carbon emissions.

Advanced Technology Integration

The pilot will also assess the readiness of the latest-generation PlusDrive-enabled IVECO S-Way, optimized for series production. The new design features advanced sensors and an optional lidar for enhanced perception. PlusDrive offers highly automated driving features such as lane centering, cut-in handling, lane merges, driver-initiated or system-suggested lane changes, traffic jam assist, and nudging, all under driver supervision.

Partnership and Innovation

DSV and dm-drogerie markt have been partners since 1986, jointly developing advanced solutions within their supply chains. In 2021, they signed a declaration of intent to further promote innovative and sustainable projects. This pilot demonstrates their commitment to innovation and sustainability in logistics.

Christian Bodi, dm Managing Director responsible for logistics, stated, “The start of this project will make a significant contribution to the comfort and safety of drivers and ensure that our supply chains run more smoothly and reliably.”

Peter Matthiesen, Senior Director at DSV, emphasized the importance of technological innovation in achieving a decarbonized future: “We are excited to begin the pilot so that we can assess how IVECO and Plus’s state-of-the-art automated trucks can fit into our future fleet.”

Marco Liccardo, Chief Technology & Digital Officer at Iveco Group, highlighted the significance of customer feedback: “Data and feedback from customer pilots are key to helping us create innovative and sustainable products that customers value.”

Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-Founder of Plus, expressed enthusiasm for the pilot: “We are thrilled to demonstrate the capabilities and maturity of our autonomous driving software in this pilot for DSV and dm, and start preparing for series production.”

About the Companies

dm-drogerie markt employs over 80,000 people across more than 4,000 stores in Europe, generating significant sales and continually striving for sustainable development.

DSV is a global logistics provider active in over 80 countries, offering comprehensive transportation and warehouse logistics solutions.

IVECO designs and manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles, constantly innovating to meet the needs of its customers with a focus on safety, comfort, and sustainability.

Plus is an AI company dedicated to building driving intelligence for a safer and greener world, collaborating with leading partners to advance next-generation transportation solutions.

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