AEye’s Luis Dussan Named a 2022 Self-Driving Power Player by Business Insider

Company founder and CTO recognized for helping lead the automotive industry in accelerating creation of software-defined vehicles

DUBLIN, Calif. – AEye, Inc., the global leader in adaptive, high-performance lidar solutions, today announced that CTO and founder Luis Dussan has been named one of Business Insider’s Self-Driving Power Players of 2022. The annual list honors mobility and technology company visionaries that are helping to drive the industry into the future, fostering the next generation of talent and making waves in the autonomous vehicle space.

Dussan was recognized for his technology leadership in developing the industry’s first software-definable platform that utilizes lasers (lidar) to complement radar and cameras – allowing vehicles to better understand their environment. This unique adaptive lidar solution is able to dynamically focus without losing situational awareness, allowing it to collect and process critical information that matters most for the advancement of safe, reliable vehicle autonomy. In addition to selling directly to industrial markets, including mining, rail and agriculture, AEye is starting to penetrate the consumer automotive market through one of the largest Tier 1 suppliers, Continental, which has licensed AEye’s reference architecture to build its own long-range lidar product for automotive OEMs, the HRL131, scheduled for start of production in 2024.

“I’m honored to be named among the top Power Players in the self-driving space by Business Insider,” said Dussan. “This recognition underscores our mission at AEye to create the highest performing sensing and perception system that answers even the most challenging of situations, resulting in the highest levels of safety for autonomous driving – ultimately a vision for a safer future.”

Luis Dussan founded AEye in 2013 to help solve the biggest bottleneck to the safe commercialization of autonomous vehicles: perception. A leading technologist from NASA, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman responsible for designing mission-critical targeting systems for fighter jets, Dussan realized those self-driving vehicles, like fighter jets, needed to see, classify, and respond to objects in real-time, and before it was too late. He leveraged his aerospace and defense engineering background, and his deep experience and training in optics, photonics and quantum physics to develop a robotic vision system that uniquely mimics the human visual cortex – focusing on the most critical information in a scene as it scans. The key was to understand the difference between information quality and data quantity and the detrimental effects of latency in the information chain.

This effort resulted in AEye’s award-winning 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing platform, which utilizes adaptive lidar to improve the probability of detection and accuracy of classification – complementing existing sensors and increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making. This laser-based sensing system, which is the only platform of its kind on the market that has had its performance independently verified by a reputable third-party testing lab, serves as a foundation for advancements in the creation of software-definable cars.

Luis Dussan’s invention, with its modular system design and software programmability, has enabled a cycle of innovation that is rippling across industries. A single AEye lidar system can be optimized for multiple markets, driving innovation that improves both performance and cost, while accelerating technology adoption. In addition, AEye’s software foundation is serving to support and future-proof customer business models, giving customers the ability to update software to change the way a vehicle works – driving the future of transportation and mobility.


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