Transurban and Plus Drive Autonomous Trucking Forward

Transurban, a leading global toll-road operator, has partnered with Silicon Valley’s Plus, an autonomous driving software firm, to bolster their automated freight program in Australia. The collaboration seeks to leverage the technological prowess of Victoria, recognized as the crux of Australian innovation.

Why It Matters

The global interest in self-driving trucks is on the rise. Transurban and Plus’s joint effort sets Victoria on course to become a frontrunner in this domain. The prospect of autonomous trucks in the imminent future holds transformative potential for the freight sector. This transformation will address the truck driver shortage, streamline goods transportation, and result in substantial economic and societal benefits, including alleviated congestion and enhanced road safety.

Key Points

  • Transurban previously trialed a self-driving truck on CityLink and the Monash Freeway.
  • Plus’s Level 4 autonomous technology, combined with advanced road infrastructure, aims to render trucking in Australia safer and more sustainable.
  • Transurban initiated its extensive CAV testing program in 2017, successfully conducting 11 trials on automated vehicles in Australia and North America.
  • In 2022, Transurban tested a highly automated self-driving truck in real-time traffic on public motorways, marking a first for Australia.
  • Plus’s top-tier autonomous driving software utilizes cutting-edge generative AI, machine learning, and computer vision. This technology, coupled with lidar, radar, and camera sensors, endows vehicles with superior detection and control capabilities.
  • Plus has already made strides in autonomous trucking in the U.S. and Germany, in collaboration with global commercial vehicle brand, IVECO.

Bottom Line

The alliance between Transurban and Plus represents a significant leap toward optimizing freight transportation. With a shared vision, both entities are committed to revolutionizing transportation by integrating advanced autonomous technology with state-of-the-art infrastructure. CEO of Transurban, Scott Charlton, emphasizes the partnership’s potential to transform urban freight transportation. Meanwhile, Plus’s COO, Shawn Kerrigan, underscores the combined capabilities of top-tier autonomous software and smart infrastructure. With endorsements from industry experts like Tien-Ti Mak of Transurban and Paul Guerra of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, this venture stands poised to reshape the transportation landscape locally and globally.


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