Roy Hill Orders 18 Autonomous Truck Kits from ASI Mining

ASI Mining, in collaboration with its distributor, Epiroc, has confirmed an order from Roy Hill Iron Ore. The order consists of 18 Hitachi EH4000 autonomous haul truck conversion kits to be incorporated into Roy Hill’s growing autonomous fleet in Western Australia.

Why It Matters

Upon converting these haul trucks, Roy Hill will secure its position as the world’s leading single-site autonomous haulage system (AHS), with 96 autonomous trucks. This move reinforces the industry’s progression towards automated technology and showcases Roy Hill’s dedication to using varied original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in its fleet.

Key Points

  • The forthcoming expansion will add Hitachi EH4000 trucks to the existing collection at Roy Hill, which already includes Caterpillar models.
  • The automation process is set to commence in 2023, with the goal of full integration by the end of 2024.
  • Once the entirety of the 96-truck fleet is autonomous, Roy Hill will be the first site to operate four different model variants from two distinct truck OEMs.
  • The EH4000 truck addition enhances the production capacity of Roy Hill’s mining operations.
  • Roy Hill initiated the autonomous haulage system project’s expansion phase in January 2023, after two years of validation.
  • Since July 2021, ASI Mining’s Mobius AHS has continuously operated within a designated autonomous operating zone, with Roy Hill attaining its performance targets.

Bottom Line

Roy Hill’s latest order accentuates its continued commitment to OEM agnostic autonomy, highlighting the ongoing faith in the capabilities of ASI Mining and Epiroc. The enhancement in Roy Hill’s fleet represents a monumental stride in the evolution of autonomous mining technology, setting new industry standards.


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