Hesai Technology to Deliver ADAS Lidar for SAIC Motor’s New Commercial Vehicles

What’s Happening

Hesai Technology has recently garnered the opportunity to supply lidar units for several upcoming models from SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Division’s OEM-installed project. The vehicles will feature Hesai’s AT128, a leading-edge, automotive-grade, ultra-high resolution long-range lidar, marking a key milestone in their ongoing strategic collaboration with SAIC Commercial Vehicle Division and UTOPILOT to advance intelligent driving technologies.

Why It Matters

UTOPILOT, a subsidiary of SAIC Group, has a longstanding reputation for providing cutting-edge driving solutions for commercial vehicles, built on over a decade of SAIC’s amassed intelligent driving technology and supply chain prowess. Previously, in 2021, Hesai and UTOPILOT successfully equipped the L4 intelligent heavy-duty truck with Hesai’s high-performance Pandar series lidar, which achieved semi-commercial operation at Shanghai Yangshan Port, moving over 100,000 standard containers in 2022 alone. The latest integration of Hesai’s AT128 lidar into SAIC’s commercial vehicles underlines a significant progression in autonomous driving technology.

Key Points

Hesai’s AT128 lidar, which boasts 128 independent VCSEL laser transmitters, achieves an industry-leading 1.53 million data points per second with a detection range of 200 meters. This lidar entered mass production in 2022 and has since been incorporated into a range of ADAS series production vehicles. The CEO of UTOPILOT, Rui Wang, recognizes Hesai as an important strategic partner, underlining the potential for their combined software and hardware technologies to catalyze the evolution of autonomous driving solutions.

Bottom Line

This partnership between Hesai Technology and SAIC Motor is poised to revolutionize the autonomous driving landscape, ushering in safer, smarter, and more diverse travel experiences for consumers. As a pioneer in lidar solutions, holding hundreds of worldwide patents and a track record of breaking industry records in lidar integration, functional safety, and anti-interference technology, Hesai continues to establish its global dominance. Through this collaboration, both entities aim to propel the automotive industry further into an era of intelligence and automation.


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