FERNRIDE Lands $31 Million in Series A Funding to Scale Automated Trucking Globally

FERNRIDE, the pioneer in human-assisted autonomous electric trucking, has successfully raised $31 million in Series A funding. This funding aims to bolster FERNRIDE’s position as a leader in the global autonomous trucking industry.

What’s Happening

FERNRIDE, the front-runner in autonomous, electric trucking technology in Germany, has successfully secured $31 million in Series A funding. The company’s goal is to fast-track the transition to automated, sustainable logistics by developing superior human-machine collaboration technology. The effectiveness of FERNRIDE’s unique approach has already been acknowledged by industry leaders like Volkswagen, DB Schenker, BSH, and HHLA, integrating autonomous trucks into these corporations’ operations over the past year.

Why It Matters

The logistics industry is grappling with a severe truck driver shortage, increasing CO2 emissions, and slim profit margins. These issues have significantly impacted society and are predicted to worsen. Notably, the current shortage of 400,000 truck drivers in Europe alone could surge to 2 million by 2026. Despite these challenges, FERNRIDE has taken an important step forward by creating an immediate, coherent, and economically viable autonomous driving solution.

Key Points

FERNRIDE’s unique approach offers a solution to these industry challenges, reaping the benefits of driverless operations from the get-go. The company has engineered a seamless end-to-end solution that integrates into live operations without any disruptions. “Our human-assisted approach works right away, solves all the possible edge cases, and delivers the reliability that the industry needs,” said Hendrik Kramer, CEO and Co-Founder of FERNRIDE.

FERNRIDE’s funding is provided by venture capital firms such as 10x Founders, Promus Ventures, Fly Ventures, Speedinvest, Push Ventures, and corporate investors like HHLA Next, DB Schenker via Schenker Ventures, and Krone. These investors’ confidence underlines the pressing need for industry transformation.

Bottom Line

The strategic partnerships and financial backing from its Series A funding will help FERNRIDE revolutionize the logistics industry. The company’s ultimate ambition is to become the global leader in autonomous trucking within the next five years. “As we deeply transform how the logistics industry operates, it is crucial to partner with some of the industry’s leading players,” commented Kramer. With the yard trucking market in Europe and North America standing at $25 billion, FERNRIDE is at the starting point of reshaping the entire trucking industry.


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