CameraMatics Introduces Advanced AI-Powered Collision Avoidance System

What’s Happening: CameraMatics, a top global driver safety provider, has unveiled i-DAS (Intelligent Driver Assistance System), an innovative AI-driven collision avoidance system aimed at significantly enhancing driver reaction times and blind spot visibility. The system includes DMS (Driver Monitoring System), which grants drivers unparalleled awareness of vulnerable road users and potential distractions.

Why It Matters: Road accidents can occur in a split second, and factors such as visibility, distractions, and mental and physical fitness can severely impact reaction times. i-DAS has the potential to reduce avoidable accidents, improve road safety for all users, and lower insurance premiums. Additionally, the system will help fleets comply with the Direct Vision Standard 2024 and upcoming General Safety Regulations (GSR) in the European Union.

Key Points:

  • i-DAS combines strategically placed blind spot detection and driver monitoring cameras with in-cab displays and speakers to provide real-time hazard and collision risk warnings.
  • The system’s external AI cameras have adjustable detection zones of up to 30 meters, ensuring optimal coverage of risk areas.
  • i-DAS uses deep learning algorithms to continuously scan for pedestrians, hidden road users, and cyclists while filtering out road furniture to only alert drivers of genuine risks.
  • The Moving Off Information System (MOIS) feature of i-DAS is ideal for low-speed, high-risk maneuvers where visibility is typically poor, and pedestrians and other road users may be hidden in blind spots.
  • Internal cameras monitor the driver’s head position and eye movement to detect signs of fatigue or distraction, providing audible and visual feedback when risks are identified.

Bottom Line: CameraMatics’ i-DAS aims to revolutionize driver safety by providing a comprehensive, AI-powered collision avoidance system. By enhancing driver reaction times and blind spot visibility, the system has the potential to make roads safer for all users and reduce avoidable accidents. With i-DAS, CameraMatics customers can take a significant step towards a world with zero road accidents while complying with upcoming safety and risk regulations.


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