Audi Partners with Applied Intuition

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Applied Intuition, Inc., a leader in vehicle software solutions from Silicon Valley, and AUDI AG, a renowned German car manufacturer, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at streamlining the development and management of automated driving (AD) systems. This collaboration introduces a unified solution designed to enhance the development, validation, type approval, and deployment of AD functionalities for Audi vehicles. By leveraging both companies’ strengths, this solution promises to achieve industry-leading safety and efficiency within an expanded operational design domain (ODD).

Key Highlights:

  • Unified AD Management Solution: Combining Audi’s scenario-based systems engineering with Applied Intuition’s software expertise to optimize AD release and lifecycle processes.
  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Targets fast, robust, and cost-effective AD function validation and release with exceptional safety standards.
  • Future-Proof Framework: The solution is designed to be adaptable and scalable, suitable for current and future AD systems within the Audi Group.
  • Extended Industry Impact: Other automotive manufacturers can utilize this framework to meet regulatory demands and elevate AD system performance.

“The expertise of both Applied Intuition and Audi creates a mutual benefit to deliver high-quality automated functions across the globe, no matter which AD stack we are bringing to our customers,” Dr.-Ing. Gero Kempf, Executive Vice President for ADAS/AD at AUDI AG, remarked. “In compliance with AD regulations, Applied Intuition’s solution allows us to highly automate our scenario-based, data-driven engineering workflows and adapt jointly developed applications as white-box solutions for the overall management of high-performance, safety-critical AD systems.”

Qasar Younis, Co-Founder and CEO of Applied Intuition, highlighted the importance of this partnership: “Applied Intuition and Audi’s joint solution is critical to ensuring AD software safety. With unified applications, a data-driven approach, automated testing, and cloud-based collaboration, our unified framework allows Audi to validate, certify, and bring next-generation AD systems to market faster.”

This collaboration sets a new standard for the safe validation and deployment of AD functions, with plans to introduce new functionalities progressively throughout the duration of the partnership.

About Applied Intuition: Founded in 2017, Applied Intuition is a leading Tier 1 vehicle software supplier that focuses on accelerating the adoption of safe, intelligent machines globally. Trusted by 18 of the top 20 global automakers, Applied Intuition offers comprehensive ADAS/AD toolchain and vehicle platforms that support a broad range of industries.

About Audi: The Audi Group stands as a top-tier manufacturer in the premium and luxury automotive and motorcycle markets. Employing over 87,000 people globally in 2022, Audi continues to innovate in ADAS/AD technologies and sustainable mobility solutions from its headquarters in Germany and additional engineering hubs in China and the USA.

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