ZF Unveils Advanced Electronics Production at New Monterrey Plant, Bolstering ADAS Technologies

What’s Happening

ZF, a renowned global player in the automotive industry, has kicked off production of sophisticated electronics and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) components at its new manufacturing site located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Initially employing 120 individuals, the company has outlined plans to increase this number by an additional 380 jobs by the year 2025.

Why It Matters

This move marks ZF’s maiden venture in manufacturing within Nuevo Leon, further extending its footprint in Mexico. The plant will concentrate on the fabrication of advanced electronic parts for passenger cars, aimed at improving vehicular safety. A milestone development includes the commencement of mass production of the innovative Smart Camera 4.8, a first-of-its-kind monocular camera system with a broad 100-degree horizontal field of view.

Key Points

In the near future, ZF Monterrey will commence production on the IBC2 Brake Control Systems, another groundbreaking technology from ZF that ensures top-notch performance for automated emergency braking, full energy recovery, and redundant feedback options. ZF Monterrey is notably the first ZF plant in Mexico to manufacture the advanced Smart Camera 4.8 technology, and it joins ZF’s global network of facilities across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Bottom Line

The ZF Electronic Systems Monterrey plant is part of a more extensive Monterrey campus project which will host a series of centers servicing ZF’s entire North American region and the company’s first Research and Development Center in Mexico, expected to employ over 1,000 engineers by 2025. The campus’s establishment, set for an early 2024 inauguration, is based on critical factors including high-quality local academic institutions, industrial focus, and strategic geographic location.

Emphasizing Industry 4.0 SMT technology, the Monterrey plant stands as a testament to ZF’s commitment to spearheading the transformation of mobility through cutting-edge technology. It is a crucial component in the company’s strategy for ensuring safe, clean, and comfortable mobility, simultaneously fostering new business opportunities in the region.


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