ZF Unveils Advanced By-Wire Systems at IAA Mobility 2023

ZF, a prominent technology group, is showcasing an expansive lineup of by-wire technologies at the IAA Mobility 2023 event in Munich. Notably, the company is set to unveil its state-of-the-art 800-volt electric drive system. ZF’s portfolio features a comprehensive array of electronically controlled steering, braking, and suspension systems designed for software-defined vehicles. These systems have eliminated the need for mechanical connections and hydraulic fluids.

Why It Matters

By-wire technologies represent a paradigm shift in vehicle control and operation. Dr. Peter Holdmann, head of ZF’s Car Chassis Technology division, emphasized the importance, stating, “ZF’s by-wire systems introduce a new age of vehicle control, offering enhanced drive dynamics across three dimensions of vehicle dynamics: longitudinal, lateral, and vertical.” This advancement in by-wire systems contributes to better control, shorter braking distances, greater steering flexibility, and improved stability, particularly at high speeds. It also enhances range and efficiency, marking a significant step forward for electric and software-defined vehicles.

Key Points

  • Steer-by-wire: Includes rear-axle steering for more precise control.
  • Brake-by-wire: Integrated brake control for quicker response and safer braking.
  • Active Damping: Electronically controlled, enhances ride comfort and stability.
  • cubiX Software: The aforementioned technologies are harmonized through ZF’s proprietary cubiX software for a coordinated and holistic vehicle performance.
  • 800-volt Drive EVSys800:
    • A modular system comprising silicon carbide power electronics, electric motor, and reduction gearbox.
    • Features high torque density at 70 Newton meters per kilogram and maximum torque of 5200 Newton meters.
    • Continuous and peak power ratings are 206 and 275 kilowatts, respectively.
  • Compact and Lightweight:
    • Saves 50 millimeters in width due to a compact reduction gearbox and ZF’s patented ‘Braided Winding’ technology.
    • Weighs 74 kilograms, making it about 30% lighter than ZF’s latest 800-volt series drive when normalized to the same output.

Bottom Line

ZF is setting new standards in vehicle technology with its comprehensive range of by-wire systems and an advanced 800-volt electric drive. The systems offer superior vehicle control and performance while aligning with the emerging demands for electric and software-defined vehicles. This positions ZF as a leader in the shift towards more sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.


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