XPENG Introduces AI-Driven Smart Driving with XOS 5.1.0

XPENG Motors has made a significant leap in the automotive industry by unveiling XOS 5.1.0, the first AI-powered in-car operating system. This upgrade promises a smarter, safer, and more personalized driving experience for XPENG users, reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in AI technology and smart electric vehicles (EVs).

Key Highlights

  • Launch Date: XOS 5.1.0 will be available to all eligible XPENG models from May 20.
  • Enhanced Driving Experience: The new OS integrates end-to-end large model technology to enhance smart driving capabilities.
  • Intelligent AI Assistants: Features include AI assistant Xiao P, AI Chauffeur, and AI Bodyguard.
  • Advanced Neural Networks: Introduction of XNet, XPlanner, and XBrain to improve autonomous driving.

Industry-First AI-Powered In-Car OS

XPENG’s AI Tianji System, XOS 5.1.0, is a pioneering AI-powered in-car OS. The system leverages advanced AI technology to provide a seamless smart driving experience, significantly improving user satisfaction and safety. The update introduces a suite of AI-driven features designed to offer an intuitive and responsive driving environment.

XPENG AI Valet Driver

One of the standout features is the XPENG AI Valet Driver, which offers customizable and intelligent driving experiences across various scenarios in China. This technology ensures that driving is not only safe but also personalized to the user’s preferences.

XPENG Introduces AI-Driven Smart Driving with XOS 5.1.0

Technological Advancements

XPENG’s introduction of neural network XNet, planning model XPlanner, and large language model XBrain marks a significant milestone in smart driving technology. These systems enhance the vehicle’s ability to process and respond to real-time data, making driving more efficient and human-like.

  • XNet: A deep visual neural network that offers capabilities comparable to LiDAR using pure vision, enhancing 3D perception.
  • XPlanner: A planning model that reduces driving jerks and improper stops, providing a smoother driving experience.
  • XBrain: An AI language model that improves the system’s understanding and handling of complex driving scenarios.

AI-Enhanced Smart Cockpit

The AI Tianji System also integrates AI technology into the smart cockpit, improving frame rates, touch responsiveness, and application launch speeds by over 30%. The AI assistant Xiao P provides concierge-level services, ensuring a personalized in-car experience.

Commitment to AI and Autonomous Driving

XPENG has committed to significant investment in AI and autonomous driving technologies. The company aims to achieve L4-level autonomous driving by 2025, with a comprehensive roadmap to extend smart driving capabilities across all road types in China by the third quarter of this year.

XPENG’s Market Position

With these advancements, XPENG positions itself as a global leader in AI smart driving technology. The company plans to invest heavily in research and development, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and excellence in the smart EV market.


XPENG Motors, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is a leading smart EV company dedicated to transforming the mobility experience with cutting-edge technology. XPENG’s in-house development of advanced driver-assistance systems and intelligent operating systems underscores its mission to shape the future of transportation.

For more information, visit XPENG.

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