Waymo Expands Autonomous Service in San Francisco

Waymo, the trailblazer in autonomous vehicle technology, has just obtained its driverless deployment permit from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This permit marks a pivotal moment in Waymo’s journey, allowing the company to initiate a paid, fully autonomous ride-hailing service in San Francisco. In the forthcoming weeks, Waymo intends to:

  • Start charging fares for rider-only trips within the city.
  • Gradually incorporate more riders into the service.

Tekedra Mawakana, co-CEO of Waymo, hailed this achievement as the “true beginning of our commercial operations in San Francisco.”

Why It Matters

The introduction of Waymo’s fully autonomous services to a broader audience in San Francisco heralds a shift in urban transportation. Over 100,000 individuals have registered their interest, signifying immense demand for this groundbreaking service.

Key Points

  • Waymo One, the company’s autonomous service, operates 24/7 and has already catered to thousands across San Francisco.
  • The service has seen over 10,000 weekly rides with no human intervention, spanning San Francisco and Phoenix.
  • The company’s ongoing partnership with the Women’s Building has facilitated more individuals, like Olivia Glowacki, to trust and utilize the autonomous service.
  • Riders can traverse the entirety of San Francisco, from Bernal Heights to Fisherman’s Wharf and from Bayview to Lands End.
  • Preliminary data indicates a positive safety record for Waymo, noting zero reported injuries in its first million miles of autonomous driving.

Bottom Line

Waymo continues its commitment to road safety and enhancing mobility solutions. Its cautious and systematic approach to technology expansion ensures that road users’ safety remains paramount. With continuous improvements in handling various road conditions and situations, it’s technology is showcasing rapid advancements. As the company prepares to welcome more riders from San Francisco, interested users are encouraged to download the Waymo One app on the App Store and Google Play.


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