Vueron Technology reveals the last piece of the puzzle for the next generation ADAS, LiDAR based ADAS solution, VueOne

At CES 2023, Vueron Technology plans to announce the next-generation ADAS based on a new LiDAR solution for mass production.

Seoul – Vueron Technology (established in 2019) is a tech startup specializing in LiDAR solutions. It has developed innovative LiDAR-based ADAS for level 2+ or above for autonomous driving to deliver a higher level of safety.

Vueron’s flagship product ‘VueOne’ is the key to mass production. It is powerful enough to perform autonomous driving on a real road using only one LiDAR (no other sensors). It can be run on automotive processors already used for camera-based ADAS. The CEO and CTO have many years of experience and expertise working for an automotive OEM and are leading Vueron, which has been working with global automotive OEMs and Tier-1s for ADAS and autonomous driving.

In particular, in January 2021, Vueron became the world’s first company to be granted an autonomous driving license using only one LiDAR sensor in South Korea. Expanding in the US, Vueron obtained a self-driving permit in California and Nevada, using only one LiDAR. Vueron’s autonomous driving fleet now covers multiple continents allowing for continuous performance improvement.

At CES 2023, the company will reveal its newest LiDAR solution to the public, an innovative LiDAR-based ADAS for level 2+ or above, available immediately for practical production. At CES 2023, the solution’s performance can be demonstrated in the Vueron Booth. Additionally, Vueron’s self-driving car with the LiDAR-only autonomous driving system is available to visitors who want to experience a live demo.

Joseph Kim, the CEO of Vueron, said “As the mass production of LiDAR sensors for vehicles is becoming a reality, the demand for a high-quality LiDAR solution is expected to increase dramatically. At CES 2023, we are going to introduce our LiDAR-based ADAS solution based on our automotive experience and will expand our domestic and global market opportunities with partners.”


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