Volkswagen Study Highlights Safety Tech Impact

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A recent study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles reveals that 45% of UK van drivers attribute advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to preventing at least one accident over the past year. The research also shows a rise in van repair costs, averaging £534.25 per incident, emphasizing the financial impact of even minor accidents.

Key Highlights

  • 45% of van drivers report ADAS prevented accidents.
  • Parking and reversing incidents are most common, representing 27% and 18% of accidents, respectively.
  • Van repair costs have risen to £534.25 on average, up from £525.63 the previous year.
  • 48% of respondents cite the cost of running a business as a major concern.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is addressing these challenges by offering a range of innovative driver-assistance systems to enhance safety and minimize repair costs. The study highlights that parking and reversing are the most frequent incidents for UK van drivers. To combat this, Volkswagen’s Park Assist technology reduces the risk of bumps and scrapes during parking, while an optional rear-view camera aids drivers in reversing.

Additionally, Brake Assist technology, standard on Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ vans, significantly shortens stopping distances in emergencies by detecting traffic and applying brakes when necessary.

Alice Axtell, Product Marketing Manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, states, “With repair costs on the rise, the impact that accidents can have on the day-to-day running of a business is significant. This is why our vehicles are equipped with a range of advanced driver-assistance technology, many as standard, to help drivers avoid incidents that can put their van out of action and help keep business running smoothly.”

For further details on Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ products and support, visit a local Van Centre or explore more at Volkswagen Vans.

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