Vay Launches Teledriving in Las Vegas

Vay, a pioneering mobility service, has launched its first commercial driverless service in Las Vegas, Nevada, utilizing innovative teledriving technology. This service allows users to order an electric car that is remotely driven to their location. After reaching their destination, the user relinquishes control back to the teledriver.

Vay’s service is designed to be more cost-effective than other mobility options, offering a unique blend of convenience and affordability. It represents a significant advancement in the field of autonomous transportation, particularly in light of recent challenges faced by the autonomy industry. Vay’s automotive-grade teledriving technology provides a safe alternative to traditional driverless transportation, as a human operator is always in control.

Co-founder and CEO Thomas von der Ohe states, “After five years of developing our technology, we are bringing our vision to life in Las Vegas. Our convenient, affordable and sustainable door-to-door mobility service aims to free cities from parked cars and make them more liveable and greener.”

Vay’s teledrive service begins its operations around the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the Arts District. The service operates through the Vay app, where users can request an electric car. The car is then remotely driven to the user by a teledriver. Once the user completes their journey, the teledriver takes control of the vehicle again, either driving it to the next user or parking it. The service includes a per-minute rental charge, with an introductory rate of $0.30 per minute when driving and $0.03 per minute during stopovers.

A user from the early access phase remarked, “The new Vay service is not only the least expensive option to get from A to B, but it also provides me with the freedom to travel at my own pace as I’m alone in the car.”

Teledriving technology explained: Vay’s technology enables remote driving of a vehicle, marking the company as the first to operate driverless cars on public roads in Europe and North America without a safety driver. Teledrivers, who are professionally trained, operate from a teledrive station equipped with a steering wheel, pedals, and other vehicle controls, along with camera sensors and microphones to monitor road conditions.

Vay emphasizes safety and security in its design. The company adheres to key safety standards in vehicle safety, functional safety (ISO 26262), and cybersecurity (ISO 21434). TÜV Süd, a respected independent testing and certification body, has endorsed Vay’s technology. Vay’s Teledrive Academy ensures that all teledrivers receive thorough training for safe and responsible driving on public streets.

Currently available in select areas of Las Vegas, this innovative service by Vay is accessible through their app in the US App Store.


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