Valeo & Applied Intuition Team Up

Valeo, a leading automotive technology provider, and Applied Intuition, a vehicle software expert, are joining forces to revolutionize ADAS development with digital twin technology. This collaboration promises to accelerate the delivery of safe and reliable ADAS features for automakers.

Boosting ADAS Testing with Real-World Simulations:

The partnership offers a digital twin platform, essentially a virtual replica of real-world environments. This gives automakers (OEMs) a vast library of diverse scenarios and locations for testing and validating ADAS perception systems. Utilizing Applied Intuition’s Spectral simulator and accurate sensor models of Valeo’s SCALA™ 3 LiDAR, these simulations surpass traditional methods in fidelity and detail. This translates to improved algorithmic safety, performance, and ultimately, faster development of production-ready ADAS features.

Pushing the Boundaries of LiDAR Perception:

The platform initially focuses on Valeo’s SCALA™ 3 LiDAR but has the potential to integrate other Valeo sensors for various testing modes, including software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL). This flexibility empowers OEMs to comprehensively evaluate their ADAS systems across different layers.

Industry Leaders Voice Optimism:

“Valeo is a pioneer in automotive innovation,” stated Clement Nouvel, CTO of Valeo LiDAR. “This partnership demonstrates our commitment to pushing the limits of autonomous driving technology and bringing it to consumers rapidly, all while prioritizing safety. Together, we aim to reshape the future of LiDAR perception through digital twins.”

Peter Ludwig, CTO and Co-Founder of Applied Intuition, echoed this sentiment: “Digital twins offer significant advantages for ADAS simulation. They unlock more comprehensive and accurate testing than any other existing technology. Combined with Spectral and Valeo’s LiDAR expertise, our digital twins are paving the way for faster, safer deployment of ADAS systems globally.”

A Turning Point in Automotive Technology:

Valeo and Applied Intuition’s collaboration marks a crucial step towards safer, more efficient, and smarter mobility solutions. Their joint digital twin platform holds immense potential to accelerate the development and deployment of reliable ADAS systems, ultimately shaping the future of autonomous driving.


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