UL Solutions Earns Top AutoTech Award

UL Solutions has been recognized with the “Autonomous Vehicle Training Platform of the Year” accolade in the fourth annual AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. The award celebrates UL Solutions’ unparalleled commitment to furthering autonomous vehicle safety. AutoTech Breakthrough, a prominent market intelligence firm, acknowledges leading entities and innovations within the global automotive and transportation technology sectors.

Why It Matters

Autonomous vehicles hold the promise of reshaping modern transportation, but ensuring their safety is a paramount concern. UL Solutions’ recognition by AutoTech Breakthrough underscores the company’s significant role in this pivotal industry shift, specifically by assisting automotive manufacturers to navigate and apply crucial safety standards and requirements.

Key Points

  • Standards & Guidelines: UL Solutions has been instrumental in aiding the industry to understand and apply vital safety regulations, including:
    • ANSI/UL 4600: Focuses on safety principles for fully autonomous products that don’t require human oversight.
    • ISO 26262: Targets safety-centric electronic systems in vehicles, emphasizing management of functional safety during system failures.
    • ISO 21448: Addresses system behaviors in the absence of ISO 26262 faults, relevant to advanced driver support and emergency intervention systems.
    • ISO/SAE 21434: Outlines requirements for vehicle cybersecurity, including component and interface aspects.
  • Coverage Spectrum: UL Solutions’ training and advisory offerings span functional safety, process quality, cybersecurity, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These services aid in integrating standards into development programs, creating safety cases for autonomous tech, and understanding global regulations and design parameters.

Bottom Line

UL Solutions is at the forefront of automotive safety, clarifying and standardizing functional safety processes and evaluations across the autonomous vehicle spectrum. By assessing and certifying the safety features of products and processes, they’re catalyzing the uptake of groundbreaking technologies. As autonomous vehicles become increasingly prevalent, UL Solutions’ efforts in aligning with industry standards and enlightening innovators are more vital than ever. Their work facilitates the management of intricate systems, fostering trust in this transformative technology.


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