UK Wants to Lead in Autonomous Vehicle Tech

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The UK Government has launched a significant initiative to position the nation at the forefront of autonomous and connected vehicle innovation. The CAM Scale-Up UK Programme, initiated in 2020 and operated by Zenzic, is aimed at propelling startups and SMEs into the development forefront of technologies essential for the future of self-driving vehicles.

To date, the initiative has supported 22 businesses, resulting in advancements in autonomous transportation for both passengers and freight, as well as the development of innovative radar and AI-enabled perception systems capable of navigating through extreme weather conditions.

As the program moves into its fifth year, it extends an invitation to pioneering startups and scale-ups to seize the CAM opportunity within the UK. The encouragement comes with an appeal for businesses to apply for the 2024 cohort, offering them a chance to secure funding and further their contributions to this cutting-edge sector.

The program is bolstered by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and collaborates with Plug and Play, providing a unique testing environment across the globally recognized CAM Testbed UK facilities. This collaboration aims to expedite the market delivery of new products and services, thereby enhancing the UK’s competitive edge in the connected and automated mobility (CAM) arena.

Mark Cracknell, Programme Director at Zenzic, emphasizes the importance of continuous support for innovative minds and SMEs, stating, “But to ensure we remain at the front of the global race to develop the autonomous and connected transport solutions of tomorrow, it is vital that we continue to support the bright minds and innovative SMEs who play a key role in developing and deploying such solutions.”

A standout project under this program is the world’s first autonomous, pothole-filling robot, developed by Robotiz3d in collaboration with the University of Liverpool and Hertfordshire County Council. This innovation, set for a trial in Hertfordshire, has garnered international attention, showcasing the practical and world-changing potential of the CAM Scale-Up UK Programme’s supported projects.

Lisa Layzell, CEO of Robotiz3d, shared her appreciation for the program, highlighting the invaluable support and access to leading testing facilities and expertise that have significantly accelerated their project’s development.

Interested companies are encouraged to explore this transformative opportunity by reaching out to the program via email at [email protected] for further information on how to apply.

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