U.S. Consumers’ Views on Autonomous Vehicles Revealed

Motional, a leader in the autonomous vehicle industry, has unveiled its fourth Consumer Mobility Report. This report, based on feedback from over 1,000 U.S. consumers, offers insights into how the general public perceives and understands autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. It aims to address challenges and opportunities in the road to wider AV adoption.

Why It Matters

Akshay Jaising, Motional’s Vice President of Commercialization, highlighted the significance of the report, saying, “Understanding consumer concerns and meeting their actual mobility needs is paramount for companies like Motional.” He emphasized the importance of firsthand experience with AVs to shift public perception positively.

Key Points

  • Overcoming Headwinds:
    • Safety remains a top concern, with 74% of respondents expressing apprehension.
    • Over 55% admitted to having little knowledge about AVs, which increases to nearly 70% among Baby Boomers.
    • The younger generation is more optimistic: 39% of Gen Z and 32% of Millennials have minimal or no concerns about AVs.
    • Real-world exposure to AVs tends to alleviate safety worries, with only 40% of those who’ve used AVs being concerned compared to 60% of first-timers.
  • The Road to Adoption:
    • 54% of Gen Z view the absence of tipping as a strong motivation to choose robotaxis over traditional taxis.
    • Autonomous delivery vehicles are the most anticipated application, especially among Millennials (39%).
    • For daily tasks, respondents preferred AVs for airport trips (28%), errands (25%), night travel (20%), and commuting (19%).
  • Consumer Trust of Long-Term AV Reality:
    • 33% believe AI-driven functions will have the greatest positive societal impact, with AVs following at 17%.
  • Driverless Vehicles in Cities Today:
    • Although AVs operate in major cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco, 74% of locals in California and Nevada are unaware of their availability.
    • Gen Z and Millennials are the likeliest groups to try out AVs, with 51% of Gen Z and 46% of Millennials inclined to use them upon knowing of their accessibility.

Bottom Line

Awareness and education play a crucial role in the broader acceptance and adoption of autonomous vehicles. While there are barriers to overcome, especially concerning safety, the younger generation seems more open to the transition. As real-world interaction with AVs increases, it is likely that misconceptions and concerns will fade, paving the way for a more autonomous future.

For a comprehensive understanding, access the full 2023 Mobility Report by Motional here.


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