Titan Unveils Advanced Steer-By-Wire System

Titan, recognized for its leadership in advanced electric steering systems for niche manufacturers, has introduced its cutting-edge steer-by-wire system. Tailored for the next-gen vehicles, from electric hypercars to automated trucks, this bespoke steering system positions Titan at the forefront of innovative steering solutions.

Why It Matters

The evolution in vehicle manufacturing and the increasing demand for tailored steering solutions in lower-volume manufacturers highlight the growing need for state-of-the-art steering systems. Titan’s innovative steer-by-wire system caters to this demand by providing a versatile, high-performance solution that addresses the unique requirements of niche manufacturers.

Key Points

  • Titan’s steer-by-wire system is designed for a wide range of lower-volume applications: from sports cars to hypercars, light commercial vehicles to trucks, and automated to autonomous vehicles.
  • Titan’s new product meets the escalating demand for high-tech by-wire technology from budding manufacturers.
  • Unlike traditional large Tier 1 suppliers, Titan offers a bespoke approach catering specifically to the needs of lower-volume manufacturers.
  • Rooted in decades of experience, Titan has historically supplied advanced steering systems to some of the world’s most celebrated sports cars.
  • The latest system underwent rigorous R&D at Titan’s HQ in Cambridgeshire, UK, ensuring it was grounded in proprietary technology wholly owned by Titan.

Bottom Line

Titan’s launch of its innovative steer-by-wire system amplifies its position as a world leader in electric steering solutions for niche manufacturers. Given the firm’s history in delivering quality, combined with the capability to swiftly produce bespoke steering systems, Titan is poised to meet the burgeoning needs of next-generation vehicle manufacturers. As the automotive landscape evolves, Titan’s latest offering ensures they remain a pivotal player in steering technology for the industry.


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