TIER IV’s Latest Innovation: Edge.Auto

TIER IV, a leader in open-source autonomous driving technology, has unveiled Edge.Auto at CES 2024. This comprehensive reference platform signifies a major leap in the realm of autonomous driving (AD) systems. TIER IV’s live demonstrations at the event showcase the integration of Edge.Auto with various third-party solutions, highlighting the platform’s adaptability and advanced features.

Introducing Edge.Auto: The Versatile AD Platform

Edge.Auto, designed to expedite the development of AD systems, embodies TIER IV’s accumulated expertise in autonomous driving technology. It encompasses a range of hardware components and software tools, including sensors, computers, and Autoware-based software modules. This platform offers flexibility in configuration, catering to diverse needs from individual components to complete AD systems.

In addition, Edge.Auto seamlessly integrates with TIER IV’s other products like Pilot.Auto and Web.Auto. This integration facilitates efficient selection, verification, and validation of the necessary units for AD system development, thereby enabling rapid creation of tailored AD solutions.

Edge.Auto’s Comprehensive Solution Suite

  1. Automotive Cameras: The automotive-grade cameras, including the soon-to-launch C3 model, offer resolutions up to 8.3MP. With multiple lens options, they cater to ADAS, autonomous driving, surveillance, and robotics.
  2. Sensor Fusion System: This system aids in advanced perception development through sensor fusion, providing open-source tools and detailed documentation for complex tasks like sensor calibration.
  3. GMSL2™ to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Conversion Module: Utilizing ADI’s GMSL2 technology, this module can handle perception data from eight cameras, converting it to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It is ideal for various applications, including industrial robotics.
  4. AI Pilot: This integrated AD system enables users to develop their own Level 4 AD products, mirroring the setup of TIER IV’s certified Level 4 AD system in Japan.

Partner Perspectives on Edge.Auto

Prominent industry partners have praised the Edge.Auto platform. Frank Chang of Ability Enterprise, Jim Liu of ADLINK, Mieu-Ngan Pang of Analog Devices, Rob Callaghan of Connect Tech, Yaniv Sulkes of Hailo, Wei Zhang of Hesai Technology, Omer Keilaf of Innoviz, Mark Qiu of RoboSense, Junwei Bao of Seyond, and Eric Yu of Vecow have all expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration and the potential advancements in intelligent mobility development.

TIER IV’s Vision for the Future

TIER IV, alongside its partners, is committed to expanding the range of supported devices and enhancing application functionality. The company is focused on improving recognition performance and power efficiency through edge AI.

Experience Edge.Auto at CES 2024

Visitors to TIER IV’s booth at CES 2024 can witness live demonstrations of the Edge.Auto platform, including automotive HDR camera streaming, camera-LiDAR fusion perception, and edge AI applications.


A trailblazer in open-source autonomous driving software, TIER IV is dedicated to advancing safe and efficient AD technology. As a founding member of the Autoware Foundation, the company collaborates globally to drive the deployment of intelligent, autonomous vehicles, thus contributing to societal progress.


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