TI Drives Smarter, Safer Vehicles with Next-Gen Chips at CES

Texas Instruments (TI) unveiled innovative automotive chips at CES, empowering automakers to build safer, smarter cars. These advancements focus on enhanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and smarter electric vehicle (EV) powertrains.

Boosting ADAS Performance:

  • Industry-first AWR2544 radar sensor: Designed for satellite architecture, it extends sensing range beyond 200 meters and improves ADAS decision-making through accurate sensor fusion.
  • 30% smaller size: Launch-on-package (LOP) technology shrinks the sensor, enabling easier integration.
  • Supports higher autonomy levels: The AWR2544 paves the way for smarter vehicles with better decision-making capabilities.

Revolutionizing EV Powertrains:

  • Integrated driver chips: DRV3946-Q1 and DRV3901-Q1 offer safer, more efficient control for BMS and other powertrain systems.
  • Functional safety compliance: Both chips meet ISO 26262 standards, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Built-in diagnostics and protection: Simplifies development and reduces risk.
  • DRV3946-Q1: Industry’s first fully integrated contactor driver for peak-and-hold current control, optimizing power efficiency.
  • DRV3901-Q1: Enables intelligent pyro fuse disconnect systems with built-in monitoring and diagnostics, providing flexibility and safety for HEV/EV BMS designers.

Experience the Future at CES 2024:

  • Visit TI’s booth (Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall, Meeting Room No. N116) to explore demos and learn more.
  • Attend the panel “Growth of the EV Marketplace: Innovations and Investments” featuring TI’s General Manager of Grid Infrastructure.

Pre-production quantities and evaluation modules are available now on TI.com.

About Texas Instruments:

TI is a global semiconductor leader, dedicated to creating a better world through affordable electronics. Learn more at TI.com.


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