The Road to Autonomy Selects S&P Dow Jones Indices as Custom Calculation Agent

What’s Happening: The Road to Autonomy, a major source of data, insight, and commentary on autonomous vehicles and logistics, has chosen S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) as the custom calculation agent for its indices, The Road to Autonomy Index (ticker: AUTONOMY) and The Road to Autonomy Total Return Index (ticker: AUTOMYTR).

Why It Matters: As the autonomous vehicle sector continues to evolve, having reliable and transparent data sources becomes increasingly important for investors and industry stakeholders. The partnership between The Road to Autonomy and S&P DJI aims to provide this through their respective indices, which track the performance of companies in the autonomous vehicle and logistics ecosystems.

Key Points:

  • The Road to Autonomy Index is made up of 38 publicly-traded companies that are involved in various aspects of the autonomous vehicle and logistics sectors, including transportation, technology, industrial, and services companies that view autonomy as an integral part of their growth strategies.
  • Grayson Brulte, the founder and CEO of The Road to Autonomy, emphasized the importance of the Index as a comprehensive look into the dynamic sector that will shape the future of how people live and work. The partnership with S&P DJI offers a foundation of integrity and transparency for the Index.
  • Companies in the Index were selected based on their commitment to autonomy, as well as their involvement in developing technology components, platforms, and services related to chips, hardware, industrial logistics, infrastructure, manufacturing, insurance, payments, services, and software.
  • Michael Mell, Senior Director of Global Custom Index Product Management at S&P Dow Jones Indices, expressed their pleasure in being the calculation agent behind The Road to Autonomy Index. As an independent global index provider, S&P DJI supports its clients in creating innovative thematic custom indices and leverages its extensive indexing experience and calculation capabilities.

Bottom Line: The collaboration between The Road to Autonomy and S&P Dow Jones Indices aims to provide investors and industry players with a reliable, transparent, and comprehensive data source on the rapidly evolving autonomous vehicle and logistics sectors. This partnership helps establish a strong foundation for tracking the performance of companies in the sector, facilitating informed decision-making and investment strategies.


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