STRADVISION Unveils Vision Tech at SV Roadshow

STRADVISION, a forerunner in the automotive realm specializing in deep learning-driven vision perception technology, is showcasing its latest advancements at the SV Roadshow 2023. The event stretches from October to November, traveling through key regions: the USA, Europe, Japan, and China.

Why It Matters

The dynamic field of autonomous driving and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) is consistently on the lookout for innovative solutions. STRADVISION’s presentation at the roadshow aims to set new benchmarks in this sector. Junhwan Kim, CEO of STRADVISION, emphasized the company’s commitment: “We’re not merely offering solutions but guaranteeing a safer, more interconnected future for vehicular travel.”

Key Points

  • The SV Roadshow 2023 is emphasizing SVNet technologies: FrontVision, SurroundVision, and MultiVision. These are pioneering technologies envisioned to transform the horizon of autonomous driving and ADAS.
  • STRADVISION provided a comprehensive display of their vision perception technologies during the roadshow. These tools offer precise performance across diverse automotive applications, even on lightweight platforms.
  • Attendees got a glimpse of STRADVISION’s restructured product lineup, with a more elaborate presentation scheduled for CES 2024 in Las Vegas.
  • At the heart of the company’s innovations is SVNet, a lean yet potent solution integrating deep learning-driven object recognition. This software is:
    • Compatible with 18+ System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms
    • Equipped with over 30 object recognition features
    • A testament to STRADVISION’s technical aptitude, as seen from their involvement in the mass production of vehicles boasting Level 2 or superior autonomous driving capabilities.

Bottom Line

STRADVISION is leading the charge in revolutionizing vision perception technologies for the automotive sector. Through the SV Roadshow 2023, they’ve underscored their commitment to driving forward innovation, safety, and connectivity in the realm of autonomous driving and ADAS.


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