STRADVISION Retains Membership in Renesas Consortium

STRADVISION, a leading player in the automotive industry known for its deep learning-based vision perception technology, has been reaffirmed as a member of the Renesas’ R-Car Consortium Proactive Partner Program. This marks the fifth consecutive year STRADVISION has achieved this status.

Why It Matters

The R-Car Consortium, set up by Renesas, brings together system integrators, middleware/application developers, operating systems, and tool vendors to create a unified platform. This environment encourages partners to collectively devise cutting-edge solutions for connected cars and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). STRADVISION’s ongoing membership signifies their consistent commitment to delivering unparalleled expertise and aligning with the consortium’s core values of being “open,” “innovative,” and “trusted.”

Key Points

  • The Renesas R-Car Consortium offers a collaborative space for experts to co-develop state-of-the-art connected car and ADAS solutions.
  • STRADVISION has met and exceeded the consortium’s criteria, solidifying its position as a 2023 Proactive Partner.
  • STRADVISION’s engagement in the consortium encompasses a broad spectrum of activities including promotion, technical support, and educational initiatives to ensure their solutions align with market needs.
  • Sunny Lee, COO and US CEO of STRADVISION, expressed pride in securing membership for the fifth year, highlighting the company’s goal to spearhead advancements in ADAS technology and cultivate new business relationships.
  • The partnership between STRADVISION and Renesas, initiated in September 2019, is primarily focused on the creation of a deep learning-based object recognition solution for ADAS smart cameras.
  • SVNet, a product by STRADVISION, is a high-efficiency, lightweight solution facilitating deep learning-based object recognition, compatible with 18+ System-on-Chips platforms and offering over 30 object recognition functionalities. It is also a prominent participant in projects targeting mass production of vehicles with level 2 or higher autonomous driving capabilities.

Bottom Line

STRADVISION’s sustained membership in the Renesas R-Car Consortium underlines its dominant position and relentless commitment to innovation in the automotive realm, especially in the development of advanced ADAS technologies.


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