STRADVISION Hits 1 Million SVNet Units

STRADVISION recently unveiled that its pioneering deep learning-based vision perception system, SVNet, has achieved over 1 million units in cumulative commercial production since its launch in 2019. An impressive 1.24 million vehicles globally are equipped with STRADVISION’s innovative SVNet technology.

Why It Matters

SVNet stands out with its ultra-lightweight architecture, combining deep learning-based object recognition in a power-efficient manner. With compatibility across over 18 System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms and boasting more than 30 unique object recognition features, SVNet has become essential in various projects aiming to produce vehicle models with Level 2 or higher autonomous driving features. Its reliability and versatility, cultivated from rich automotive industry experience, play a pivotal role in its widespread adoption.

Key Points

  • Milestone: STRADVISION’s SVNet has been integrated into over 1.24 million vehicles globally.
  • Technology Efficiency: SVNet efficiently marries deep learning-based object recognition with low computational and energy consumption.
  • Adoption in Advanced Features: STRADVISION’s technology supports advanced driving features like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), and Lane Keeping Assistance Systems (LKAS).
  • Growth Prospects: STRADVISION anticipates an annual production surpassing 1 million units in 2023, accelerated by the launch of 8 new model lineups from a notable German OEM.
  • Global Collaborations: The company is actively partnering with automotive OEMs, especially in Europe and Japan, to bolster its series production programs.

Bottom Line

STRADVISION remains dedicated to catering to automotive industry demands, with SVNet playing a central role in its vision. The firm is optimistic about further growth, especially with new collaborative ventures in the European and Japanese markets. Sunny Lee, STRADVISION’s COO and US CEO, expressed appreciation to their clientele for their substantial contribution in achieving this milestone, while also looking forward to the opportunities the upcoming year presents.


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