Škoda Enyaq Unveils Revolutionary Autonomous Parking System

Škoda Enyaq has introduced a new cutting-edge feature that enables the car to self-train for autonomous parking in any known location. This new technology, dubbed ‘Trained Parking’, alongside the ‘Intelligent Park Assist’, places the Enyaq as one of the most parking-savvy vehicles in the market.

Why It Matters

This pioneering technology will significantly reduce parking frustrations for UK drivers. Recent research indicates that 73% of UK motorists confess to forgoing parking in difficult spaces, opting to seek alternatives instead. Thus, the Enyaq’s automatic parking capability could alleviate these common parking challenges and streamline the overall driving experience.

Škoda Enyaq Unveils Revolutionary Autonomous Parking System

Key Points

  • The new ‘Trained Parking’ feature allows Enyaq to autonomously park in any familiar location, including driveways, garages, and regular street parking spaces.
  • The vehicle only requires one manual parking operation to learn the entire route and parking position. Thereafter, it can repeat the process with precision.
  • The ‘Intelligent Park Assist’ facilitates both parallel and perpendicular parking, which are often challenging for many drivers.
  • These features are included in the optional Maxx Package, available on SportLine Plus and vRS models.
  • According to Škoda UK data, 55% of UK motorists consider parking assistance systems a crucial feature in their next vehicle purchase.

Bottom Line

The Škoda Enyaq’s self-learning parking system, together with the Intelligent Park Assist, represents a significant stride in automotive technology. These features can significantly mitigate parking difficulties, a concern shared by a large proportion of UK drivers. Not only does this underline Škoda’s commitment to constant innovation, but it also sets a new standard for user-friendly, technology-assisted driving experiences. As a part of the optional Maxx Package, these features will likely be an enticing draw for potential buyers.


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