Scania Unveils Autonomous Mining Trucks

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Scania has initiated sales of its autonomous mining trucks, marking a significant advancement in the mining sector. These self-driving vehicles promise enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability in mining operations.

Scania is now accepting orders for its 40-tonne autonomous heavy tipper for mining, with the 50-tonne model soon to follow. Initially, sales will begin in Australia, with the first deliveries expected in 2026. The next likely market will be Latin America, where Scania already has a robust presence in the mining sector.

Key Highlights

  • Orders Open for Autonomous Trucks: Scania starts taking orders for its autonomous mining trucks, with delivery expected in 2026.
  • First Sales in Australia: Australia will be the initial market, followed by Latin America.
  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Autonomous trucks are poised to improve safety and operational efficiency in mines.
  • Sustainability Focus: Scania’s solutions offer lower emissions and reduced infrastructure needs, contributing to more sustainable mining practices.
  • Easy Integration: These trucks can be seamlessly integrated into existing mining operations.
  • Electrification Advantage: Scania’s autonomous trucks facilitate a quicker transition to zero-emission mining operations.

“The transition from research and development to the launch of a commercial product is a major milestone for us and for autonomous heavy transport in general. This is the most advanced product Scania has put on the market so far,” says Peter Hafmar, Vice President and Head of Autonomous Solutions at Scania.

Easier Transition to Electric and Sustainable Mining

Mines are ideal environments for autonomous vehicles due to the potential for improved safety and efficiency. Scania’s autonomous trucks not only reduce emissions but also enhance productivity compared to traditional heavy haulage trucks. By using these trucks, the overall mining footprint, including energy and infrastructure requirements, can be minimized, leading to lower capital and operating expenses.

Scania’s autonomous trucks can seamlessly fit into existing mining operations due to their interoperability with other systems and vehicles. “Another benefit with our solution is that it allows mining companies to more quickly take the next step towards zero-emission operations. It’s easier to electrify operations with Scania’s autonomous trucks compared with traditional heavy haulage trucks,” Hafmar explains.

Developed with Mining Industry Collaboration

Over the past decade, Scania has heavily invested in developing self-driving vehicles, including applications for hub-to-hub transport on highways and autonomous vehicles for confined areas like mines. The autonomous tipper truck was developed in close collaboration between Scania’s R&D department and mining industry customers, undergoing extensive testing in harsh real-life conditions.

“It’s probably the most ambitious research and development project we have done so far together with a customer, and I am very pleased about the result. Thanks to all the rigorous checks and numerous on-site tests, we have been able to develop an optimal autonomous transport solution for mines,” Peter Hafmar concludes.

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